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Can you believe we are nearly to the halfway point of NaNoWriMo? I know November tends to fly by for me, but this year seems particularly fast. I think we’ve gone past hyperdrive and we’ve hit PLAID! 😉 Here’s your chance to take a little break from furiously attacking your novels to sit back and read for a few. This message is jam-packed with information, so I’m afraid it will be a little long.

First, looking at our trusty graph, I can see how well we are doing as a Region this year! Way to go, Denver! In fact, we already have THREE winners! Woohoo! We have a few people that are behind, but that’s okay! There’s still over half of the month left, and plenty of time to get caught up. If you find you’re struggling, feel free to reach out—we MLs are here to help you. Need motivation? Need help with a plot issue? Need to just get out of your PJs and leave the house? We can help! We have plenty of write-ins available, as well, so make sure you hit some of those up, too! Alas, where are Region War with Germany is concerned, we have fallen behind, and we can’t have that, right? So let’s get out there and write (as soon as you’re done reading this, of course).

Second, we just wanted to touch on write-ins. We are a very diverse region, and a very geographically spread out region, so it’s difficult for us MLs to cover every area and every write-in. We are so grateful for those of you who step up and organize write-ins. We honestly do not believe that we would be as successful a region as we are if it weren’t for each and every one of you. 🙂 We also feel it’s important to remain transparent and let you know we’ve had a couple of complaints about some of the unofficial write-ins. We feel, especially with our diversity, it is very important to mention that every person is different, and every write-in will be different. Even our official write-ins will be different. Some are more social, some are more quiet and focused, some are more driven with word sprints, etc. You may find after showing up to a write-in that the way it is run is not for you—and that’s okay. However, it is never okay for someone running a write-in to be rude to an attendee, talk down to an attendee (especially anyone who has stated they have any kind of accessibility issue or disability), or make anyone of any gender, race, gender identity, ability, religion, political affiliation, etc. feel unwelcome.  This absolutely will not be tolerated. If your write-in is more driven or quiet and you have someone (or multiple someones) who are talking loudly and/or being disruptive, it is of course okay to nicely ask them to step away from the group if they would like to continue. It is not okay, however, to demand they leave at once, tell them to “shut up or get out,” or anything like that. We expect the complaints we received were isolated incidents and hope we do not need to step in or shut down any write-ins where this behavior is occurring. NaNoWriMo and our NaNo write-ins should be a safe place for anyone and everyone looking to write a novel, and we will do what we can to ensure it continues to be said safe place.

Also regarding write-ins, we need you to make sure you are signing in at all write-ins (and if you’re write-in host, keeping track of sign-ins and filling out the forms after each write-in). For more information about this, please visit this post on the NaNoWriMo forums.

Speaking of write-ins, we have many coming up this week! Thanks to DG Wiggins, we have a great map so you can see which write-ins might be close to you. In the meantime, this week’s write-ins are:

  • Monday, November 13th:
    • 10am – 3pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at the MLK Library in Aurora
    • 1pm – 2pm – Write-in at Anschutz Medical Center
    • 3pm – 7pm – *CWI* Write-in at Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project
    • 6pm – 8pm – *OFFICIAL* *YWP* Write-in at Parker Library
  • Tuesday, November 14th:
    • 4pm – 6pm – Write-in at Westminster Irving Street Library Branch
    • 5:30pm – 7:30pm – *CWI* Write-in/Discussion at Anythink Library Brighton
    • 6pm – 8pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at Backstage Coffee Downtown
    • 6:30pm – 9pm – Write-in at Starbucks Aurora
  • Wednesday, November 15th:
    • 12:30pm – 2:30pm – Write-in at Columbine Library Littleton
    • 1pm – 2pm – Write-in at Anschutz Medical Center
    • 4pm – 6pm – *CWI* Write-in at BookBar
    • 4pm – 8pm – Write-in at Rising Sun Distillery
    • 6pm – 8pm – Write-in at Anecdote (Golden Triangle)
    • 6pm – 8pm – Write-in at Columbine Library (Littleton)
    • 6pm – 8:30pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at Panera Lone Tree
    • 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Write-in at Nighthawk Brewery Broomfield
  • Thursday, November 16th:
    • 9am – 12pm – Write-in at Illegal Grounds Coffeehouse
    • 3:30pm – 5pm – Write-in at Nixon’s Coffee House
    • 3:30pm – 5:30pm – Write-in/Discussion at Anythink Brighton Library
    • 5:30pm – 7:30pm – Write-in at Westminster College Hill Branch Library
    • 6pm – 8:30pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at Panera of Parker
  • Friday, November 17th:
    • 7am – 11am – Write-in at Anecdote (Golden Triangle)
    • 9am – 12pm – Write-in at Illegal Grounds Coffeehouse
    • 8pm – 11pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in ONLINE (Discord)
    • 8pm – 12am – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at Perkins on Colorado Blvd/I-25
  • Saturday, November 18th:
    • 7am – 11am – Write-in at Anecdote (Golden Triangle)
    • 10am – 3pm – Write-in at Hello Coffee Lakewood
  • Sunday, November 19th:
    • 7am – 11am – Write-in at Anecdote (Golden Triangle)
    • 8am – 10am – Write-in at Stella’s Coffee Haus
    • 10am – 12pm – Write-in at Tattered Cover (South City Park)
    • 1pm – 5pm – *CWI* Write-in at Evergreen Public Library
    • 2pm – 5pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at Starbucks North Parker
    • 4pm – 8pm – *OFFICIAL* Write-in at Enchanted Grounds Littleton

Next, we need to mention the Stanley Hotel Overnight Write-in. As many of you know by now, we are planning an overnight write-in up at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park the weekend following Thanksgiving. We have rented two condos for the night, and it now appears we have enough for a THIRD condo, which I have just reserved. We have 4 (possibly 5) confirmed for the condo which holds 8, so we need just 3-4 more. Because the NaNoWriMo forums do not send notifications when messages are sent, and it is not possible to tag people, we have taken the planning for this particular write-in off-site and have a Facebook group for it. The cost is $65/person. Please join the Facebook group for more information on everything Stanley related.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Write on? Right on!

Niassa, Katharine Swan, and ptocheia

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